Let's Crush the Illegal Ivory Trade

In Times Square yesterday, U.S. officials smashed a ton of illegal tusks and trinkets to combat elephant poaching.

June 20, 2015

Another show hit Broadway yesterday morning, but it wasn’t your usual song and dance—It was more the hopeful tragedy variety. Crowds gathered in the middle of Times Square to watch the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, assisted by partners, including NRDC (disclosure), pulverize a (literal) ton of confiscated ivory. It was the United States’ second such event. In 2013, six tons of ivory got smashed in Denver; countries like France, China, Belgium, have also destroyed their caches.

Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed for its tusks. Ivory crushes take illegal products off the black market, but they’re also a way to send a message to poachers that we’re not buying what they’re selling. Ivory only belongs on elephants.

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