Let's Get the Band Together

A cello, viola, and two violins put climate change to music.

August 04, 2015

Last week, we brought you the “Song of Our Warming Planet,” a cello solo to the tune of rising temperatures over the last century. Now let’s give its sequel, “Planetary Bands, Warming World,” a listen. Cellist Daniel Crawford has asked other University of Minnesota students to join his global-warming orchestra. This time, each instrument represents temperature fluctuations at specific northern latitudes (fans of the Southern Hemisphere, don't fret—one's in the works). Tuned to the average temp at each region, the low cello tracks the equator, the viola sings the song of the mid-latitudes, and a pair of violins hits the high notes of the Arctic.

If Obama’s newly released Clean Power Plan had a soundtrack, these songs would be on it. (But let's also hope for an action-packed, carbon-cutting montage of world leaders getting down to work.)

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