Plaster of Paris

Activists covered the city in “Wanted” posters that call out climate criminals.

December 08, 2015

Avaaz/FlickrPhoto: Avaaz/Flickr

Activist group Avaaz thinks that climate deniers deserve a more forceful qualifier for their creative interpretations of the atmospheric sciences—it prefers climate criminals. On Monday morning, volunteers plastered more than 1,000 “Wanted” posters, featuring the faces and names of seven prominent fossil fuel lobbyists who have been obstructing the climate movement. The group put the signs up near Pariss five-star hotels and handed out fliers to passersby at metro stations.

Marc Morano, one of the skeptics whose mug was featured, called the campaign “an exercise in silliness.” The same could be said about the climate denial conference he attended near COP21 on Monday and Climate Hustle, the “documentary” he’s screening in Paris—silly, that is, if their intentions weren’t so sinister.

If you're curious, the other hot-air-spewing bandits are: Benjamin Sporton, Myron Ebell, Chris Horner, Bjorn Lomborg, Fiona Wild, and James Taylor.

Photo: Avaaz/Flickr

Photo: Avaaz/Flickr

Photo: Avaaz/Flickr

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