Preparing for (Climate Change) Battle

Leaders of the U.S. Armed Forces are trying to combat rising seas and extreme weather—and avoid skirmishes with deniers in Congress.

February 17, 2015

“Four new piers have been built [at Naval Station Norfolk], which are higher, stronger and better-designed than the old piers. [Navy Captain Joe] Bouchard, who was commander while the first new piers were constructed, says 'they were built with sea-level rise in mind.' But out on the base, nobody wants to talk directly about spending money to deal with sea-level rise, mostly because they are worried about drawing scrutiny from climate deniers in Congress, who are happy to redline any expenditure with the word 'climate' in it. Instead, many people in the military end up talking about the climate similar to the way eighth-graders talk about sex—with code words and suggestive language.”

From “The Pentagon and Climate Change,”Jeff Goodell’s Rolling Stone article about how the leaders of our armed forces are taking steps to prepare for what lies ahead (even as deniers in Congress ignore the warnings)

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