Pups in the Snowpack

Wild baby wolverines make their on-screen debut in a remarkable new documentary.

March 05, 2016

The only thing better than awesome video footage of elusive wolverines is awesome video footage of BABY elusive wolverines, and the new documentary, Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest, delivers.

Wolverines have a ferocious reputation, but very little is actually known about the largest member of the weasel family—the species prefers almost impossibly remote terrain (though, not remote enough to escape climate change). But veteran wildlife cinematographer Andrew Manske, whose past subjects include other hard-to-find predators like grizzly bears, wolves, and polar bears, was up to the challenge. Manske spent five years tracking and filming the carnivores in the wilds of Alberta, Canada, and his intrepid quest paid off. The above video is believed to be the first ever of a wild wolverine with her kits, a scene Manske calls the highlight of [his] career. Watch the trailer for the full documentary below, which provides plenty of other surprising new insights into the skunk bear’s behavior. 

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