Shut the Frack Down

Denton, a Texas town with 277 gas wells, was the first in the Lone Star State to ban fracking. Now what?

December 18, 2014

"'If Denton wasn’t followed by two little letters—TX­—no one would give a hill of beans about it,' says Chris Faulkner, chief executive of Breitling Energy in Dallas. Breitling has no direct financial interests in Denton, but Faulkner is among those in the industry who fear Texas could see more urban drilling communities 'run amok.' 'You can already hear the environmentalists saying, ‘If we can win in Denton, we can win anywhere,' he says."

—From “The Texas Energy Revolt,” Jim Malewitz’s Politico dispatch about tensions in and around Denton, the Lone Star town with 277 gas wells that earlier this year became the first in the state to ban fracking

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