We're in Hot Water

NASA’s Earth Minute gives us a lesson in Sea-Level Rise 101.

August 27, 2015

The world’s oceans are absorbing more than 90 percent of the heat of global warming. And yesterday, NASA announced some startling statistics on the effect of all that hot water: On average, sea levels have risen about three inches since 1992. (To put that into perspective, that was the year Miley Cyrus was born, and, um, her dad released “Achy Breaky Heart.”) So, the floodgates are open, and it’s only going to get wetter from here on out—as glaciers melt and the oceans continue to expand, they’re likely to swell at least another three feet by the end of the century.

In the above “Earth Minute” video, NASA gives a crash course on sea-level rise. It’s high time we start paying attention to high tide.

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