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Week 144: Trump Wants to Turn Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest Into a Drive-Thru

Plus, David Bernhardt does more favors for his former client, the USDA allegedly suppresses climate research (a whole lot of it), and the president launches perhaps the most hypocritical lawsuit in history.

These Environmental Artists Do the Mash—the Monster Mash

Laura and Gary Dumm reanimate classic horror-flick monsters in bone-chilling scenes of the Anthropocene.

We Need a Just Transition—Because We Should Abandon Coal, Not Coal Workers

Taking care of those communities distressed by the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is an economic and ethical imperative.

Week 142: President Trump Honors Science Denial. Again.

And sticks it to California. Again.

Some of the Country’s Biggest Supporters of Climate Action? Latinos.

But since the larger climate movement has done a poor job of engaging them, the community is mobilizing itself.

The World’s Beauty and Destruction—Bound Together

With thread, plastic, and reams of climate data, textile artist Tali Weinberg displays our dangerous entanglement with the fossil fuel industry.