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Culture & Politics

Other Countries Are Giving Up Gas-Powered Cars—Will the U.S. Ever Hop Aboard?

How inevitable is the advent of the electric vehicle in America? We asked an anthropologist.

Art for Earth's Sake

Meet the Fish That Builds Works of Love on the Seafloor

Who knew the unassuming male puffer fish is one of nature’s greatest artists?

Culture & Politics

The Border Wall Is Underway . . . Right in the Middle of a Wildlife Refuge

Trump’s already offensive wall will also endanger an already endangered species.

Species Watch

To Save This Tasty Sea Snail, We Must First Figure Out What Turns It On

It’s date night for white abalone! Get out the buckets, microscopes, and hydrogen peroxide.

Art for Earth’s Sake

Meet the Aboriginal Community Turning Abandoned Fishing Gear into Art

On Australia’s Cape York Peninsula, artists weave deadly “ghost nets” into totems.

Culture & Politics

Trump’s (in)Actions on Climate Have Turned Him into an Outcast

By leaving the Paris Agreement, the president also withdrew the country from the world community. Does he understand what this means? Does he even care?