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Trump v. Earth

Week 6: Trump Wants You to Be Afraid of Everything—Except Climate Change

In his sixth week in office, the president ignores the national security threat as well as the real cause of the coal industry’s downturn.

From Our Partners

The Trump Administration Is Putting EPA Programs on the Chopping Block

The White House wants to nix grants that help local governments protect their citizens from pollution.

Art for Earth's Sake

What’s It Like to Be the Artist-in-Residence at America’s Least Visited National Park?

“Awful,” says writer and painter Ben Shattuck―but in the good way.

Species Watch

The Most Unexplored Habitat on Earth Is Packed with Pollution

A new study of deep-sea amphipods living six miles beneath the sea’s surface finds surprising levels of toxic chemicals.

Trump v. Earth

Week 5: A Climate Denier Is Now in Charge of the EPA

Meet Scott Pruitt, the EPA’s cheerless new leader.

Culture & Politics

When It Comes to Urban Development, More Folks Are Saying: “Yes, in My Backyard”

From NIMBY to YIMBY: What a difference a generation (and an urban housing shortage) makes.