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The planet is our beat.

Week 37: Rick Perry Wants to Drag Dirty, Old Power Plants Out of Retirement

Reading Pruitt’s Outlook calendar; Trump’s unholy pick for the EPA’s toxics office.

The Unassuming Crayfish—and Its Path of Devastation

Do not underestimate the signal crayfish. It’s both a keystone species and a merciless invader of foreign streams.

From Panthers to Sage Grouse, Oil and Gun Interests Have America’s Wildlife in Their Sights

Lawmakers and federal agencies are rolling back protections for imperiled species and hoping we won’t notice―or won’t care.

Week 36: Scott Pruitt Can’t Hear You Anymore (Not That He Was Listening)

The EPA chief’s new $25,000 soundproof booth, Ryan Zinke hates solar panels, and the Arctic refuge is in danger yet again.

A Rescued Tiger Cub? Mating Mollusks? A Thieving Fox? One of These Images Could Bring Home the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award.

From playful animal behavior to pollution and poaching, these artists capture the state of nature in 2017.

Week 35: Trump Throws His Weight Behind the Valley Lateral Pipeline

FERC gets federalism wrong, Zinke gets monuments wrong, and Pruitt gets babysat.