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A Year of Climate Change, as (Not) Presented by the EPA

On the first anniversary of the agency’s removal of climate change info from its website, a look back at one of the earth’s roughest years on record and the fight to set things right.

Week 68: Why the EPA Let a Pesticide Violator Off Easy

Also, Administrator Scott Pruitt equates hard questions (and mustache doodles) with security threats.

America’s Last Woodland Caribou Herd Is Down to Just Three Animals

As forests are carved up across North America, its 51 woodland caribou herds are being left with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Teaching Climate Science to Kids

But denialist lawmakers aren’t going to make it easy.

Week 67: Zinke Declares Open Season on Yellowstone’s Grizzlies

Also, top EPA staffers jump ship, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry is confused about how research works.

Week 66: Scott Pruitt’s Selective Memory

Pruitt can’t recall his misdeeds, science is out at the EPA, and Rick Perry wants to declare a national emergency to keep coal plants open.