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The planet is our beat.

As the Amazon Burns, Jaguars Burn With It

How Brazil’s blazes are devastating for these big cats—and for so, so, so much more.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Climate—and Why It Needs Some Oomph

The stories that really reach people are the ones with stirring scenes, suspense, and relatable characters.

Week 140: Trump Ignored Climate Change’s Role in the Migration of Guatemalans—and Then Cut Off Aid

Plus, the BLM’s new location will be next door to Big Oil, and it just issued a hilarious new bit of climate change denial (something about Vikings and grapes).

Has Climate Consciousness Reached a Tipping Point?

We don’t want to jinx it, but with the Youth Climate Strike it sort of looks like . . . yes. (Finally.)

Week 139: Trump Wants to Turn the Golden State a Hazy Shade of Gray

Plus, NOAA deletes important renewable energy research, and the border fence steamrolls a national monument.

This Friday, School Is Out—and the Climate Strike Is On!

In protests around the globe, the next generation is sending a collective message to world leaders to act on climate change. Here, four teenage activists tell us their personal reasons for striking.