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Culture & Politics

What Would Mark the End of America’s Moral Leadership in World Affairs?

President Trump pulling us out of the Paris climate agreement.

Cause & Effect

Good News for Public Lands! (No, Really!)

When a bill to sell off 3.3 million acres of federal land hit Congress, the public made a big stink—and won.

Trump v. Earth

Week 2: Trump Doesn’t Play by the Rules—or Seem to Understand Them

The president continued attacking environmental laws, and Senate Republicans suspended committee rules to advance his climate-denying EPA pick.

From Our Partners

Behold the "Tweaks" Trump Has Made to the EPA Website (So Far)

Never forget: Carbon pollution causes climate change.

Species Watch

Trump’s Attack on Endangered Species Really Stings

Thanks to the Trump administration’s regulatory freeze, the endangered rusty patched bumblebee might not get the protections it desperately needs.

Art for Earth's Sake

Played on Ivory Keys, This Is What Elephant Extinction Sounds Like

“Music for Elephants” translates poaching data into a song of mourning.