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Week 127: Even Rice Is Getting Worse Under Trump. (And He’s Trying to Keep a Lid on It.)

The Trump administration buries more climate change research, Ivanka rents from a mining magnate, and another ethics fail at the EPA.

Millions of Songbirds Do Not Need to Suffer Gruesome Deaths So the Olive Industry Can Save a Buck

A new practice of harvesting olives at night leads to grim mortality statistics for migratory birds in southern Europe.

Week 126: Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule: Neither Affordable nor Clean. Let’s Discuss.

Also, Trump finds a new way to limit scientific advice to his administration.

In Other News, Renewables Just Passed Coal on the Energy Capacity Racetrack

And their lead is expected only to widen.

Why Everybody Is So Excited About 23 Salmon

After millennia of migrating to and from the sea, Chinook salmon disappeared from California’s San Joaquin River 65 years ago. Now they’re trickling back.

Let’s Talk About Pizza, Broccoli Leaves, and Bottom Lines

Venture capitalists just made a $16.5 million bet on a start-up that wants to sell people ugly, misshapen vegetables. What’s going on?