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The planet is our beat.

This Muralist Is on His Way to Painting 50,000 Bees Around the World

Representing the number of honeybees that live in a healthy hive, Matthew Willey’s creations remind us of the pollinators’ plight and how our worlds intersect.

Trump’s Anti-Environment Agenda for 2020: When Opportunism Knocks

As the country focuses on fighting a pandemic and mourning its victims, the Trump administration sees a perfect time for showering the fossil fuel industry with gifts.

How Healthy Is America’s Public Health Infrastructure?

COVID-19 is revealing strengths—and weaknesses—that deserve our attention.

Even in Our Isolation, COVID-19 Reminds Us That We Are One

It’s frightening to see just how fragile our societal ecosystem is. But we have the chance to prove how resilient it is, too.

When Art Captures the Wind and the Rain—and a Bit of Ourselves

“Weather Report” fills a Connecticut museum with the works of 25 artists who explore what’s happening in the atmosphere and, inextricably, to us.

We Should Be Listening to Our Scientists and Experts Right Now—Not Driving Them Away.

You know it. I know it. But does the Trump administration know it?