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The Sordid Backstory Behind the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Decisions

A lawsuit forced Ryan Zinke’s Interior Department to disclose files relating to the shrinking of national monuments. It’s easy to see why he wanted them to stay hidden.

Week 59: Trump Called Elephant Hunting a Horror Show. Now He Wants a Front-Row Seat.

EPA’s science board isn’t meeting, Trump backtracks on trophy hunting, and Interior says only oil can save our national parks.

New Study Is First to Demonstrate That Biodiversity Inoculates Against Extinction

Researchers show why it’s crucial that we protect biodiversity at all costs.

A Tale of Two EPAs

To what lengths will Scott Pruitt go to undo the good work being done by his agency’s scientists, researchers, and staff?

Week 58: Trump Maybe Admits Obama’s Regulations Were Good for the Economy

Plus the Koch brothers reveal themselves, and Rick Perry is negotiating our nuclear agreements? Really?

An Existential Battle Over an Infinitesimal Snail

The first animal to be listed as extinct under the Trump administration may not actually be extinct.