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The planet is our beat.

Finally, a Legislative Check on a Runaway White House

What the 116th Congress can do—starting right now—to block Trump’s anti-environment agenda.

2018 Wasn’t a Completely Horrible Year for the Environment

The people and the planet can claim more than a few victories—and 2019 is looking better already.

Week 100: May Threatened Species Be Forgot . . .

Trump denies protection to imperiled wildlife, censors more climate change web pages, and stalls on a ban of a deadly chemical.

Trump Is Trying to Pull the Wool Over Our Eyes About Climate Change—These Knitters Aren’t Having It

The Tempestry Project invites you to spin a colorful yarn about rising temperatures.

The United States Embarrassed Itself at the Climate Summit in Poland

COP24 attendees mocked the Trump administration for its “clean coal” fantasies—while a shadow delegation of climate-conscious Americans quietly worked the room, mending fences.

Week 99: Trump Waters Down Wetlands Protections

Plus, hawking coal at a climate summit and selling out polar bears to Big Oil.