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The planet is our beat.

Is the Future of Grocery Shopping B.Y.O. Container?

A new wave of entrepreneurs aims to wean consumers from single-use plastic.

Week 108: Who Put the Appalachian Trail in the Way of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline?

The Trump administration undermines an historic trail, tries desperately to save just one coal-fired power plant, and sells out the endangered delta smelt.

Climate Change Takes Fashion Week by Storm (and by Drought and by Fire . . .)

Model, actor, and designer Luka Sabbat can make just about anything look good—even an air mask. Behold the future of fashion.

Why Is HUD Ghosting America’s Hurricane-Ravaged Communities?

The Trump administration promised $16 billion to help places like Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida weather future storms. Now, nearly a year later, it won’t even return their calls.

Week 107: The Butterfly Effect of Trump’s Inhumane Border Wall

Trump slices a butterfly sanctuary in two, the EPA celebrates its second-worst year on record, and the president goes oddly silent on climate when it’s warm outside.

A British Company Names a Wormlike Amphibian After President Trump

In an auction, EnviroBuild paid $31,250 for the species’ naming rights. (Not everyone is happy about that.)