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The planet is our beat.

Week 142: President Trump Honors Science Denial. Again.

And sticks it to California. Again.

Some of the Country’s Biggest Supporters of Climate Action? Latinos.

But since the larger climate movement has done a poor job of engaging them, the community is mobilizing itself.

The World’s Beauty and Destruction—Bound Together

With thread, plastic, and reams of climate data, textile artist Tali Weinberg displays our dangerous entanglement with the fossil fuel industry.

Week 141: Bernhardt Moves to Make a Big Dam Bigger—and His Old Clients Richer

Plus, the Trump administration dodges Senate hearings, and loses to environmentalists in two big court cases.

As the Amazon Burns, Jaguars Burn With It

How Brazil’s blazes are devastating for these big cats—and for so, so, so much more.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Climate—and Why It Needs Some Oomph

The stories that really reach people are the ones with stirring scenes, suspense, and relatable characters.