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Are Kentucky Farms Under Attack from Flocks of Ravenous Vultures? Not Quite.

Scientists respond to an Associated Press article that paints black vultures and turkey vultures as “flying fiends.”

Week 136: Trump Gives a Pass to One of the Nation’s Worst Polluters

Also, the self-styled environmentalist-in-chief skips a climate summit, and the EPA’s Science Advisory Board misses a big, big deadline.

Jair Bolsonaro to a Horrified World Community: “The Amazon Is Brazil’s, Not Yours”

The fires are no accident. They were ignited by Brazilian ranchers who felt emboldened by their pro-deforestation president.

Week 135: California Is Driving Trump Crazy on Auto Emissions

Plus, national parks are getting hazy (again), and Trump makes a quixotic bid to buy Greenland.

An Artist Who Finds Uncommon Meaning in Common Trees

Hugh Hayden’s exquisite wooden sculptures and installations comment on race, immigration, and the American environment.

How to Win Parks and Influence People, NYC Edition

In Manhattan, green-space advocates realized their dream of building Chelsea Green, a new community park, by becoming affordable-housing advocates, too.