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The planet is our beat.

IEA: Renewable Energy Has Winning Potential

The International Energy Agency says solar is about to boom (some more) and offshore wind farms could power the whole world—18 times over! If we let them, that is.

The Faces of Trump and Putin, Stenciled in Smog

From Chicago to Moscow, this artistic collaboration puts climate change on display—and world leaders on notice.

The Fate of This Coral Species Rests in a Dark Room in Tampa

Scientists have coaxed Atlantic pillar corals to spawn in captivity for the first time—a breakthrough that could save the species from extinction.

This Researcher Thinks It’s OK to Joke About Climate Change

In fact, he thinks laughing about it may help us put an end to it.

Week 144: Trump Wants to Turn Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest Into a Drive-Thru

Plus, David Bernhardt does more favors for his former client, the USDA allegedly suppresses climate research (a whole lot of it), and the president launches perhaps the most hypocritical lawsuit in history.

These Environmental Artists Do the Mash—the Monster Mash

Laura and Gary Dumm reanimate classic horror-flick monsters in bone-chilling scenes of the Anthropocene.