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From Egyptian Tombs to Toxic Corn, There’s More to Environmental Art Than What You See

A sweeping exhibition of 2,000 years of artworks at Bowdoin College in Maine challenges viewers to reconsider the relationship between art and nature.

Week 110: Has Trump Forgotten the Lessons of the Gulf Oil Disaster?

Offshore drillers don’t have to follow safety rules, and an EPA official says Congress should stop asking so many questions (about how she’s not doing her job).

Trump’s Pick to Lead His New Climate Change Panel Says CO2 Has Been “Demonized”

The appointment of William Happer shows that as public opinion and government reports increasingly back climate science, deniers (including the president) are getting desperate.

The Political Divide on Coal vs. Renewables Is Fake News

New polls show that all Americans—Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike—want to close the book on our dirtiest fossil fuel.

Week 109: Trump’s Flood Insurance Flub Could Cost Us Billions

Plus, the administration plans a debate on climate change as coal executives continue to party in Trump’s hotel.

The Crazy Snake Worm Invasion You Haven’t Heard About

Earthworms may seem harmless, but they have the power to transform some of America’s forests—and not in a good way.