Appointment of LaHood Signals Need for New Approach to Transportation Sector

Peter Lehner, Executive Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, made the following statement on the expected appointment of Ray LaHood to lead the Department of Transportation:
“President-elect Obama’s choice of Ray LaHood to head the Department of Transportation highlights the need for bipartisan efforts to fix our broken transportation system. Congressman LaHood will face some of the greatest transportation and infrastructure challenges in our nation’s history, but also some of the greatest opportunities. His first priority, a green economic recovery package, will require a strong commitment to repairing our broken bridges, roads, and tunnels, and investing in new and existing public transit. All of this will help to create green jobs and re-charge our economy. Congressman LaHood has always worked across the aisle and with environmental groups, and, at this pivotal moment for our nation, we look forward to working with him to chart a course toward a clean, energy-efficient transportation system.”