Broad Coalition Urges President Obama to Tackle Climate Change for Our Families and the Planet

Letter: “You Have the Power and the Support You Need to Tackle the Climate Crisis.”

WASHINGTON (January 7, 2013) –The Natural Resources Defense Council and nearly 70 other national and regional organizations released a letter today thanking President Obama for repeatedly raising the threat of climate change and highlighted specific actions he can take after his second inauguration to expand clean energy and curb pollution that is altering our climate.

NRDC released the letter on behalf of health, environmental, environmental justice, conservation and public advocacy groups calling on the president to take three direct steps to address the deepening climate crisis. They noted: “It is the great challenge of our time and our response will leave an historic legacy.”

The steps are: to continue elevating the problem of climate change and its solutions before the American public; to use existing Clean Air Act authority to reduce dangerous carbon emissions, particularly from existing power plants; and to reject dirty fuels, beginning with disapproving the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

The text of the letter is here:

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