California Leaders Reject Offshore Oil Deal as Part of State Budget Plan

Assembly members wisely rejected offshore oil drilling in California

San Francisco, CA (July 24, 2009) – Moments ago California leaders passed the state budget package and wisely defeated a proposal that would have allowed new offshore oil drilling off the coast of California for the first time in 40 years. More than 60 environmental groups and numerous coastal legislators opposed the coastal drilling provision and it failed by a 30 to 43 margin.

The budget package will result in the closure of almost 50 state parks and the elimination of the state’s independent Integrated Waste Management Board with no certainty that its vital recycling and hazardous waste functions will continue. Meanwhile, the state’s major polluters are spared from contributing their fair share to help resolve the state’s fiscal crisis. 

Following is a statement from Victoria Rome, California Advocacy Deputy Director at NRDC: 

“The State Assembly today rejected the disastrous idea of allowing new oil drilling off the California coast. The fact that this proposal was even considered and negotiated behind closed doors is very troubling. And given that an offshore drilling proposal got as far as it did suggests that the state budget process is broken and must be reformed.”