California Voters Deliver Resounding Victory for State's Clean Energy Economy

Broad, bipartisan coalition sends Texas oil companies' Dirty Energy Proposition packing

San Francisco, CA (Nov 2, 2010) -- A majority of precincts across the state are reporting a resounding defeat for Proposition 23, the Texas oil companies’ Dirty Energy initiative.

Following is a statement by Ann Notthoff, NRDC’s California Advocacy Director:


“California voters made history today. The defeat of Proposition 23 is a decisive victory for the Golden State’s clean energy future. Proposition 23 was the largest public referendum in history on climate and clean energy policy, with almost 10 million California voters. In defeating Proposition 23, California voters sent a clear signal that they are ready to move forward to build a strong economy, create jobs, clean up our air, and end our addiction to dirty energy.”


“NRDC and a broad bipartisan coalition composed of environmental and public health advocates, businesses, labor unions, the NAACP, Latino organizations, community groups, utilities, consumers -- and yes, even some oil companies -- fought Proposition 23 together. This coalition represents the new face of the environmental movement and promises a clean energy future for California. We will continue to work together to foster policies that provide multiple benefits, including a prosperous economy and improved public health.”


“The defeat of Proposition 23 confirmed what polls across the state have indicated: Nearly two-thirds of California voters are concerned about the environment. This broad-based support for strong environmental protection is forging policy that will lead to improved public health standards and an economy based on clean energy.”


“California continues to lead the way in energy policy. Today’s defeat of Proposition 23 sends a strong signal to Washington and the rest of the country that we need national action on climate and energy. For the new California governor and legislature, the message is clear -- Californians want to keep moving forward with the 21st Century’s clean energy economy.”