Congress to Move Ahead with Clean Energy and Climate Solutions for America

WASHINGTON (May 13, 2009) -- The Energy and Commerce Committee under Chairmen Waxman and Markey are prepared to move forward with clean energy and climate legislation (the American Clean Energy and Security Act).

Following is a statement by Dan Lashof, Director of the Climate Center for the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation is now poised to advance a clean energy future for America. The emerging consensus in the House Energy and Commerce Committee lays the critical foundation for Congress to enact legislation this year that will spur clean energy investments and cut carbon pollution that causes global warming. Under the leadership of Chairmen Waxman and Markey, Congress is forging a clean energy path that will create jobs, cut our dependence on oil, and ensure America’s place as a global economic leader.

“For too many years, progress to spur economic growth through investments in energy efficiency and clean energy sources, like the wind and sun, was held hostage.  Now, just four months into the new Administration and Congress, businesses, labor, and environmental advocates are working together to unleash American innovation and make a clear break from the past.

“As the bill moves forward, we will urge Congress to ensure that the legislation is as strong and effective as possible to deliver safe, clean energy to America, increase energy efficiency, and protect the planet for future generations.”