Cuomo’s 2014 State of the State Address Includes Promising Solar Energy, Storm Resiliency Announcements

ALBANY (January 8, 2014) –  In his annual State of the State Address today, Governor Cuomo announced promising new investments in solar energy, as well as much-needed programs to strengthen the state’s resiliency in the face of future extreme weather events.

A statement from Mark Izeman, Director of the New York Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, follows:

“In the face of climate change, developing clean energy sources and making our communities more resilient to extreme weather are critical for the health of New Yorkers and the future of our state.  With Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York State is doubling down to achieve these goals.  

“New investments in clean energy will make New York a national leader on solar power. A ten-year statewide solar program will increase the amount of solar power in our state ten-fold, providing enough clean energy to power more than a half million New York homes. A program to put solar panels on our schools will not only mean healthier air for kids to breathe, but reduced costs so we can put more money toward education instead of energy.

“Acknowledging the devastating impact of Sandy and other recent storms, the Governor has announced an impressive array of new efforts to better safeguard the state in the face our changing climate. From restoring natural barriers to providing communities with clean power alternatives to keep the lights on when the grid goes down, these projects hold promise to help New York better weather the next superstorm.

“As always, the details will matter and follow-through is essential – but today’s announcements hold great promise for a stronger, healthier New York.”