Debt Ceiling Delay Doesn’t Avoid Possible Cuts to Parks, Air, Water

WASHINGTON (January 31, 2013) – The U.S. Senate today gave final congressional approval to a short-term suspension of the United States’ borrowing limit until May 19.

Scott Slesinger, legislative director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, made the following statement:

“Congress still hasn’t taken steps to avert a government shutdown or to block the looming deep cuts that will harm vital public health and environment protections. House Republican leaders need to stop playing an irresponsible game of chicken while embracing a budget that could close national parks and wildlife refuges, and undermine clean air and clean water protections for  the public. This is no way to run a government.”

Here is a blog from Scott Slesinger about the consequences of going over the fiscal cliff:

And here is a more detailed analysis of how the cuts would impact parks, refuges, oceans, clean air, clean water, and vital research: