From Durban Climate Talks, Important Progress

NRDC: “Countries now must follow through on commitments.”

WASHINGTON (December 10, 2011) – After the United Nations COP-17 climate change conference concluded in Durban, South Africa, NRDC International Climate Policy Director Jake Schmidt issued the following comment:

“The United States saw an opportunity to break down the wall blocking adoption of binding commitments by the largest emitting developing countries and took advantage of that.  This outcome brings large countries like China and India into the room to negotiate meaningful commitments to address the urgent need to cut global emissions.

“This is important progress.

“Countries followed through on their agreements from Cancun by outlining detailed guidelines for more frequent reporting of their pollution and actions to combat global warming.  This will mean greater transparency and accountability which is essential for ensuring that all countries are living up to their commitments.

“Countries now must follow through on the commitments they made in Durban. They must act at home, while also continuously working toward even more detailed international agreements in the near future.”

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