Following is a Statement by Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council, on President Obama's Speech Today at the United Nations:

“President Obama’s speech at the United Nations today demonstrates that he recognizes that delaying action to curb global warming pollution is no longer acceptable. He indicated that the Administration will continue to play a strong leadership role on the critical issue of climate change – one of the greatest challenges of our generation.

“As international negotiations heat up on the way to Copenhagen, all eyes will be on the two largest sources of heat-trapping gases: the United States and China. The leaders of both countries indicated today that they are prepared to take meaningful action. While the negotiations will be tough, there is still time to bring together developed and developing countries on a strong climate agreement.

“There will be no stronger signal to the international community about America’s intentions than bold action on clean energy by the Congress. Already, the House passed an historic clean energy and climate protection bill in June. Now the Senate is poised to move forward with its bill, with Senator Boxer expected to unveil legislation next week.

“The EPA has also taken important steps in limiting carbon pollution – like the new fuel standards for cars and trucks proposed last week and a new reporting system for large emitters of greenhouse gas emissions just announced this morning.

"President Obama clearly understands the urgency of the climate crisis and the benefits to our economy, our health and our security that will come from shifting to a clean energy economy. With his continued engagement the United States can enact strong legislation at home and mobilize the international community to meet this challenge.”