Governor Snyder Leads the Way on Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Michigan

CHICAGO (December 19, 2013) – Governor Snyder delivered a key energy policy speech today, addressing the importance of energy efficiency, renewable power and pollution reduction for Michigan’s economy.

Following is reaction from Rebecca Stanfield, Midwest Program Policy Director with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC):

"Michigan’s best bet is clean energy. Governor Snyder's remarks point the way to a path that reduces electric costs, cuts harmful pollution and puts people to work across the state building the energy system of the 21st Century.  

"While the current clean energy laws have been a success, they leave a lot on the table. The Governor signaled that the state's policies need to be a lot stronger to really capture all the benefits.

"Though he has stopped short of making specific policy recommendations, it is critical that he has his sights set on the right goals:  maximizing energy efficiency, and ramping up clean renewable power to meet the state’s electricity needs.  We’re looking forward to taking the next step – writing and implementing a policy blueprint to achieve those goals."

NRDC Energy Analyst Ariana Gonzalez blogged in deeper detail on the speech and the policy issues it raised at