House and Senate Pass Budget

Move Forward with President's Budget for a Clean Energy Economy

WASHINGTON (April 3, 2009) - The House and Senate late last night passed Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Resolutions that will make strong investments in clean, renewable energy and fund environmental programs that were previously neglected.

Following is a statement from Franz Matzner, acting legislative director for the Natural Resources Defense Council:

"The budgets passed by the House and Senate signal a firm commitment to clean, renewable energy that will jump-start our economy and create jobs across the nation. It is clear that Congress is going in a new direction to prioritize the health of our planet and citizens.

“For the first time in years, Washington is again investing in our oceans, public lands, and the protection of public health. The budget also provides funding for America’s neglected infrastructure, like our drinking water systems, sewers, streets and bridges.

“The budget proposals reflect President Obama's dedication to restoring scientific integrity at our agencies and ending America’s reliance on the dirty fuels of the past. This is a first and important step to rebuilding America, protecting our environment, and spurring economic growth.”