House Committee Disregards Science, Public Opinion With Passage of Upton Bill

WASHINGTON (March 15, 2011) – The House Energy and Commerce Committee’s passage today of a bill aimed at blocking the Environmental Protection Agency from safeguarding the public from carbon pollution disregards science and public opinion and endangers Americans’ health and the environment.

The legislation (H.R. 910), sponsored by Committee Chairman Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), was developed during closed-door meetings between Upton’s staff and representatives of power companies and other big polluters. Senate Republicans have proposed adding their version of the Upton bill to an unrelated small business bill.

The following is a statement from Franz Matzner, climate and air legislative director at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

"Passage of this bill puts polluters ahead of the public and stops the EPA from protecting the health of every American.

"In numerous polls, the vast majority of Americans have said they want Congress to put politics aside and let the EPA do its job to reduce dangerous carbon dioxide pollution. Yet this legislation does the exact opposite.

"As the bill moves to the full House and the Senate prepares to take up the companion bill, we hope other elected officials will choose to side with their constituents and with science - and against big polluters."

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