House Committee Hobbles Environmental Protection - Again

NRDC: “House Appropriations Committee Has Decided to Take a Destructive Approach”

WASHINGTON  (June 28, 2012) – The House Appropriations Committee today approved an irresponsible bill that would slash the Environmental Protection Agency budget by about 17 percent. The bill also includes numerous anti-environmental “riders” —provisions that prevent EPA and the Interior Department from carrying out current law. These riders will hurt our environment and our health without saving taxpayers a single cent.

The following is a statement from Natural Resources Defense Council Legislative Director Scott Slesinger:

“Once again, the House Appropriations Committee has decided to take a destructive approach, damaging health and undermining the environmental protection that the public has said it wants and expects. 

“This process can only end badly, with House Republicans poised to take us once again to the brink of another government shutdown.  They have ultimately failed every time they have taken this approach, and they will fail again.”

For more information on the dangerous riders contained in the Interior and EPA appropriations bill, please see Scott’s blog here: