Lancet Report Affirms Tremendous Health Benefits from Climate Action

WASHINGTON (June 22, 2015) – The Lancet Commission on Health and Climate released a report today warning that climate change poses both the greatest threat to health in the 21st Century and the greatest opportunity to protect public health by pursuing a reduction of fossil fuels and an expansion of clean energy.

The following is a statement by Kim Knowlton, senior scientist & deputy director of the Science Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The Lancet report underscores the terrible consequences for human health if we don’t start reducing the dangerous carbon pollution fueling climate change—and dramatic benefits for people the world over from taking action now.

“We can save countless lives, reduce the spread of disease and ensure a secure food supply even as we continue expanding clean energy that will lead to cleaner air and a healthier future for people in every part of the world. Our children and future generations are counting on us.’’

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