Legislature is Right to Speed California Drought Relief Package to Gov. Jerry Brown

SAN FRANCISCO (February 27, 2014) – The Legislature today sped a $687 million relief package to California Gov. Jerry Brown to aid those suffering from the unprecedented drought crisis.

Ann Notthoff, California Advocacy Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, issued the following statement:

"The rapid bipartisan action today by the Legislature on this comprehensive drought package reflects the desire of Californians to invest in measures to squeeze the most water out of the supplies we have on hand. It's the best news we can hope for with the exception of more storms like we will experience in the next few days. We look forward to the Governor signing these bills and getting dollars to projects that will make a difference now. There's a lot the State can do to make us more drought resilient in the long term, too. NRDC commends California's leaders for keeping our water needs front and center."


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