In Meeting President Obama Calls for Clean Energy Legislation With Firm Limit on Carbon Pollution

WASHINGTON (June 29, 2010) – Following a meeting between President Obama and a bi-partisan group of Senators to discuss climate and clean energy legislation, Dan Lashof, director of the Climate Center Director at NRDC, made the following statement:

“The President and a bi-partisan group of Senators met today for 90 minutes to discuss passing clean energy and climate legislation in the Senate this summer. The President made it clear that legislation should include a limit on carbon pollution. The President’s continued leadership on this issue is essential to making progress.

“With record heat waves becoming more common, ice caps melting and oil gushing into the Gulf, the Senate must pass a bill that has real pollution limits and will break our addiction to oil. Another ‘junk shot’ energy bill with meaningless goals and toothless provisions may fool some of the people some of the time, but won’t fool Mother Nature.

“The President must continue to push the Senate to pass serious clean energy and climate legislation this summer.”