National Clean Energy Legislation Cuts Electricity Bills

American Clean Energy and Security Act Will Save Americans An Average of $6 Per Month

WASHINGTON (June 24, 2009) -- According to an analysis released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans across the country will save on their monthly electricity bill under the American Clean Energy and Security Act. NRDC experts say most consumers will save money under the legislation’s energy-efficiency and consumer protection provisions.

The following is a statement by Dan Lashof, director of the Climate Center at NRDC:   

“There is growing support from businesses, faith groups, labor and other diverse groups that we need to produce more clean energy and reduce global warming pollution. This analysis shows that we can do both while saving consumers money on their electricity bills.

“This finding is consistent with the analysis of the bill released by EPA yesterday, which found that household expenditures on electricity and natural gas would be 7 percent lower in 2020 due to the legislation. This bill will create jobs in manufacturing and whole new industries, and protect public health. We need the House of Representatives to pass this bill now.”

Click here to see the analysis with full U.S. map.