New Proposed Federal Protections Will Safeguard One of Most Diverse, Important Stretches of Ocean in America

NRDC: Obama Administration move shows what can be done to protect our special places

WASHINGTON – (December 20, 2012) – The Obama administration today announced plans to establish new protections that will ban oil drilling and other activities along more than 50 miles of Northern California coast – a move that will protect wildlife, beaches and the health of the Pacific.

After the announcement, NRDC President Frances Beinecke made the following statement:

“The Obama administration is right to recognize that this area - one of the most biologically productive, beautiful stretches of ocean and coastlines in America – must be kept off-limits to oil drilling and other potentially harmful activities.

“Coupled with the recent creation of new marine protected areas in California, this shows how states and the federal government can – and should - help protect the special places all around our country for future generations.”

The proposed expanded marine area will encompass the Cordell Bank and the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary – two places that NRDC has fought to protect. The region provides breeding and feeding grounds for at least 25 endangered and threatened species and 36 marine mammals, including blue, gray and humpback whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins and Stellar sea lions.

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