New U.S. Government Report Confirms Urgent Need for Clean Energy and Climate Action

WASHINGTON (June 16, 2009) – A new national scientific report on the domestic impacts of climate change reinforces the urgency of moving forward with strong climate and energy legislation, according to experts at the Natural Resources Defense Council. According to the report, “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States” by the interagency Global Climate Research Program, the impacts from global warming are already being felt across the United States.  

Following is a statement by Wesley Warren, Director of Programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The Obama administration understands the threats we face from climate change and has shown a strong commitment to solving it. This report comes at a time when momentum for solutions is building in Congress and across the United States. Right now, clean energy and climate legislation is moving through Congress that will create new opportunities, clean energy jobs and reduce global warming pollution. It’s time for the last naysayers to get on board with sound clean energy and climate policies for America. 

“We're fortunate this report was released when there are leaders who are willing to take bold action needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. In President Obama we have a leader who is taking America in a new direction on energy, supported by leaders in Congress, business, labor and others who are increasingly aware of the opportunity presented by a clean energy economy.

“As we head toward international climate negotiations in Copenhagen later this year, we need to quickly move forward with strong legislation that will create jobs, protect the planet, and restore America's leadership on this issue.”