NRDC Launches Ads Urging Americans to Support EPA Action on Climate Change

Six-Figure Ad Buy Welcomes President Obama’s Proposal for Curbing Carbon Pollution from Future Power Plants

WASHINGTON (September 24, 2013) – New TV and digital ads launched today are calling on Americans to voice their support for the Obama Administration’s just-proposed standards limiting dangerous carbon pollution from new power plants.

The six-figure television and online ads, paid for by the Natural Resources Defense Council, thank President Obama for taking action against climate change. The TV ad notes the need to not only address the growing costs of extreme weather, but also our obligation to protect the health of our children.

“This is a major step in President Obama’s plan to address the threat of climate change,” said Pete Altman, NRDC Climate and Clean Air Campaign Director. “The proposed standard makes it clear that tomorrow’s power plants won’t be built at the expense of our children and our health.  Curbing the unchecked carbon pollution from power plants is a commonsense action against costly and deadly extreme weather events, and a safeguard of public health.”

The ads are in response to the September 20th announcement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of proposed federal standards that would limit carbon pollution—a key driver of climate change—for power plants built in the future. That is an important initial step in the comprehensive climate action plan the president announced on June 25.

The television ads will run from September 24 through September 30 in the Washington, D.C. market. The online ads, kicked off by a Monday homepage takeover in Politico, encourage those who “love the climate,” to “like the EPA” on Facebook.   

The ad follows:

(Images of polluting power plants and extreme storm damage.)

VO: “Thanks to President Obama, we’ll be seeing a real difference in the amount of dangerous carbon pollution coming from new power plants.”

“Because it’s not just about Katrina, Irene, and Sandy.”

“It’s about Katrina, Irene, and Sandy.” (Images of three girls, two with asthma) 

“Taking action against climate change won’t just reduce extreme weather events hurting our will reduce extreme asthma attacks hurting our children.”

“Because the real cost of climate change is the human one.”

Paid for by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The television ad can be viewed here:

The digital ad will run in several outlets, including Politico, Facebook and Google, ranging from one to seven days. A link is here: