NRDC Opposes Proposition 31 in California

Ballot Measure Would Override Landmark State Laws that Protect Our Environment and Health

San Francisco, CA (October 19, 2012) – The Natural Resources Defense Council today announced its opposition to Proposition 31, the misleadingly named Government Performance and Accountability Act.  While this measure may be well intentioned, it would allow state laws protecting California’s air quality, water quality, the coast, and endangered species to be overridden. 

Following is a statement from Michael Wall, senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The backers of Proposition 31 have good intentions to reform California’s government, but it is the language of the ballot measure, not the backers’ intentions that would rule the day if this measure were to pass. Prop 31 would allow local governments to override landmark state laws that ensure a healthy and clean environment for all Californians. We join the League of Women Voters and the California League of Conservation Voters in urging Californians to vote NO on 31.”   

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