NRDC President's New Book Calls for Action on Climate Change

"Clean Energy Common Sense" released ahead of Obama's meetings in Asia and as world leaders prepare for Copenhagen

WASHINGTON (November 10, 2009) –Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, releases her first book today against the background of vibrant debate on global climate change at home and abroad. As Congress continues to advance clean energy and climate legislation and nations around the world prepare for climate negotiations in Copenhagen, a spirited and authoritative voice explains why the time has come to act.

Beinecke’s book, Clean Energy Common Sense: An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change, aims to educate Americans about the facts behind carbon pollution and seize the momentum that exists now to curb it.

“I am not asking readers to take my word for it that we must confront climate change. I ask them to listen to the most authoritative experts in the field,” Beinecke said.

“When I write about the alarming rate at which summer sea ice is melting in the Arctic, I reference scientists from NASA. When I say that climate change poses a serious threat to national security, I quote retired Marine Corps four-star General Anthony Zinni, retired U.S. Navy Admiral Lee Gunn, and CIA Director Leon Panetta,” Beinecke said. “And when I explain that creating a clean energy future is affordable, I cite research from the Congressional Budget Office, the Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency. These places are home to the best energy economists in the world. They are not in the service of anyone but the public.”

Taking action now can make the economy stronger, the country more secure and the future healthier, Beinecke writes.

“People often ask if I am optimistic about the future, and always answer that I am. I work with people every day -- in business, in science, in government -- who are deeply committed to solving this crisis. I hope this book will inspire more Americans to join those hopeful ranks. And that they will be stirred to action. Now, when it matters most.”