NRDC President's Statement on Meeting with President Obama

WASHINGTON (December 9, 2009)- President Obama met today at the White House with Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, and about a dozen other leaders from the environmental, business, labor and veterans communities to discuss his clean energy and climate policy.

Frances Beinecke released this statement after the meeting:

"The President made three things emphatically clear: We can make our economy stronger and our country more secure. We can put Americans back to work with clean energy jobs that can't be shipped overseas. And we can cut carbon pollution.

"These are vital objectives every American can get behind. This is about jobs. It's about national security. It's about the future of our country. And we will use every engine of persuasion at our disposal to help advance these essential goals.

"We will work with the President to help pass clean energy and climate legislation. And we urge all Americans to support the President's mission to secure a strong international agreement at Copenhagen."