NRDC Statement on President Obama's Copenhagen Schedule Change

WASHINGTON (December 4, 2009)  - President Obama moved his attendance at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen to December 18, when he will join nearly 100 other presidents and prime ministers as the talks reach the critical decision-making stage, the White House announced Friday.

Following is a statement from Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The president is elevating his role at the summit. He understands the stakes for our country. This is about putting Americans back to work, reducing our reliance on foreign oil and creating a healthier future for ourselves and our children. And he's decided to bring the full power and prestige of his office to bear on these talks at the critical moment, when nearly 100 heads of state are gathered to take action against the greatest environmental ill of our time. He's going to bat for all Americans, he goes with our support and we wish him well in this vital mission to make our economy stronger and our country more secure.”