Obama Administration Moves to Curb Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

NRDC: A Historic Step to Combat Climate Change

WASHINGTON (June 2, 2014) – The Environmental Protection Agency today unveiled the centerpiece of President Obama's climate action plan.

The following is a statement by Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The EPA's proposal to limit carbon pollution from power plants for the first time ever is a giant leap forward in protecting the health of all Americans and future generations.

“It sets fair targets for each state and empowers the states with the flexibility to craft the best local solutions, using an array of compliance tools. And if states embrace the huge energy efficiency opportunities, consumers will save on their electric bills and see hundreds of thousands of jobs created across the country.

“EPA now begins seeking comment on the range of carbon reductions that can be achieved. As it finalizes the carbon pollution standards in the year ahead, we will work for the strongest, most ambitious standards possible to ensure that President Obama's carbon reduction goals are met.

“Strong carbon pollution standards will be good for our health, good for our economy and good for our children and all future generations.”


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