Obama's Appointments Signal a New Approach to Environment and Energy for America

President-elect Obama is expected to officially announce his appointments to federal environment and energy personnel later today. In response, Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), issued the following statements:
General statement:

“With these critical selections, President-elect Obama is launching the country in a bold new direction on energy and the environment. President-elect Obama has assembled a great team with the expertise, experience and political skills to make significant advancements to the country’s pressing environmental issues. With these selections, Mr. Obama is putting words into action that he will move toward clean energy solutions, take on global warming and jump-start the economy. These are individuals who will restore scientific integrity to the federal government, protect public health and defend our country’s natural resources.”

On the appointment of Carol Browner as ‘Energy Czar’:

“Carol Browner is a great choice for the new position of ‘energy czar’ bringing the clout, experience and personality to this role. Browner brings many years of experience and expertise in addressing energy and the environmental at state and federal levels, and in the private sector. By creating this new position, President-elect Obama has reinforced his position that clean energy and climate protection are keys to spurring economic recovery while safeguarding the planet. Brown is the strong, capable person we need at the helm of our energy and environment issues.”

On the appointment of Lisa Jackson as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

“Lisa Jackson is an excellent choice as the next administrator of the EPA, affirming the new administration’s commitment to take on environmental challenges, protect public health and slow global warming. Jackson has been a strong advocate for the enforcement of environmental laws and is recognized for her success in managing a large state’s environmental and public health initiatives. President-elect Obama’s choice signals to the rest of the world that the United States will be a leader on global warming.”

On the appointment of Dr. Steven Chu as the head of the Department of Energy:

“Dr. Chu will bring immediate change to the Department of Energy with his scientific expertise and ability to take action on key policy issues. It’s not every day that we’ve had a Nobel Prize winner in such a senior government position, and he has a proven track record of working in the private and public sectors on global warming reduction and other key energy issues. Chu is a strong supporter of increasing energy efficiency, developing new technology and pursuing alternative energy sources, and he is an excellent choice to lead this key agency.”

On the selection of Nancy Sutley as the head of the Council for Environmental Quality:

“Nancy Sutley is a great choice for CEQ. She is an expert on climate, energy and air policies and has practical experience at all levels of government – federal, state and city level. She brings extensive political skills to the table and knows how to translate policy in to action on the ground. She has a wide range of expertise including climate and energy policy; and air, public health and other vital environmental issues. In particular, Sutley has a developed a thorough understanding of regulatory and market issues that are essential for reducing global warming pollution. In the Clinton administration, the state of California and the city of Los Angeles, Sutley has been a champion of clean air and public health policies.”