NRDC Calls For Swift Actions to Avoid Climate Disruption

WASHINGTON (Oct. 30, 2006) --- The long-awaited Stern Report, released today in London, warns that global warming could inflict worldwide disruption as large as that caused by the two world wars and the Great Depression. The report calls for action now to cut global warming pollution, noting: "the benefits of strong, early action considerably outweigh the costs."

Following is a statement by David Hawkins, director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

"The report should shatter once and for all our state of denial on the impacts of global warming. The good news is that solutions are already at hand to avoid a dangerous climate disruption - if only our elected leaders decide now to get on with the job.

"If we act swiftly, the devastating effects of global warming are not inevitable. By enacting a mandatory cap to slow, stop and reverse global warming pollution; by making our vehicles, our homes and our buildings more efficient; and by speeding to the market the array of cleaner and cheaper renewable sources of energy, we can bequeath to future generations a clean and prosperous world."