Republican Leadership Threatening Government Shutdown to Advance Agenda

President Obama, Senate Need to Say No to "Riders"

WASHINGTON (April 7, 2011) –  Republican leadership is pushing the country toward a government shutdown by demanding anti-environment policy “riders” be attached to a government funding bill.

The following is a statement from Scott Slesinger, legislative director at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“In its zeal to appease Big Polluters and campaign donors by allowing unlimited carbon pollution or other attempts to cripple the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect public health, the House Republican leadership now is taking its ideological fight to a new level. It’s threatening to shut down our entire government just to get its way.

“By attaching irrelevant anti-environmental riders to a spending bill that must pass to keep the government operating beyond Friday night, these politicians are showing they’re willing to hold the country hostage just to advance their narrow political agenda, with shameful disregard for the health, the economy and the people of America. 

“President Obama and the Senate must continue to reject any legislation containing these riders, and Americans should let their lawmakers know they’ve had enough of these political shenanigans.”