Salazar Announcement Shows New Approach to Offshore Energy at Department of Interior

WASHINGTON (February 10, 2009) -- Department of Interior Secretary Salazar announced today that he is going to take a thorough review of the five-year OCS oil and gas leasing program that was announced in the final days of the Bush administration.
Following is a statement by Wesley Warren, director of programs for the Natural Resources Defense Council:
“There’s a new way of doing business at the Department of Interior under Secretary Salazar. By committing to a thorough review, Salazar is demonstrating bold leadership that will offer America a new energy future that provides clean domestic energy and cuts our dependence on foreign oil.
We are encouraged by Salazar's commitment to a new approach to offshore energy -- harnessing the power of the wind, sun and oceans -- which will provide America with a full range of energy resources.
New offshore drilling would risk oil spills from Florida to Maine, and all along the Pacific Coast. This would not only cause tremendous economic damage to fishing and tourism communities, but it would destroy habitat for wildlife, and hurt all of us who live, work and vacation in these places.
President Obama is leading America to a clean energy future that will produce new jobs, cut energy costs and reduce global warming pollution. Secretary Salazar’s actions follow this vision, bringing us closer to breaking old habits and transforming America’s approach to energy.”