Sen. Murkowski’s “Energy Blueprint” Relies on Playbook from the Past

NRDC: We need clean energy plan to move forward, not stay wedded to the past

WASHINGTON – (February 4, 2013) –Sen. Lisa Murkowski, ranking Republican on the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, released her “Energy Blueprint” today.

Following is a statement from Franz Matzner, associate director of government affairs for the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“Sen. Murkowski’s energy blueprint for the future reads more like a cut-and-paste job from the fossil fuel industry’s playbook of the past. It relies extensively on policies and incentives for increased oil and gas drilling, while ruling out many of the policy tools most likely to reduce carbon pollution and bring cleaner energy technologies into the marketplace.

“As the representative of the fastest-melting state in the union, Sen. Murkowski should not be pushing drilling in our most pristine landscapes or approving a pipeline that will result in more, not less, climate change problems.

“We need a plan that moves us forward to the 21st century, not one that keeps us wedded to the past.”