From Staff Picks to Copenhagen Speech, Obama Makes Remarkable Progress on Top Environmental Issues

NRDC Releases Assessment of Obama’s Environmental Record in his First Year

WASHINGTON (December 29, 2009) – President Obama’s first year was marked by historic progress from protecting resources and people’s health to restoring our country’s leadership in the international arena, according to a new review by the Natural Resources Defense Council. In “Welcome Change: An Assessment of the Obama Administration’s First-Year Environmental Record,” released today, NRDC experts compiled highlights from the administration’s actions to address the nation’s top environmental priorities.

“This was a year of great challenges and great progress,” said Frances Beinecke, president of NRDC. “More work remains to be done to realize the president's vision of a prosperous, secure, and sustainable future for our country and the world. But Americans can be proud of the promising start this president has made and of the exceptional team he's put together to advance this vital work.”

The assessment looks at Obama’s early accomplishments, including assembling a top-notch staff with deep environmental expertise; restoring scientific integrity to the decision-making process;  moving quickly on top environmental issues, including clean energy and climate protection; and forging ahead with international cooperation, as highlighted by the climate accord agreed to by world leaders at the Copenhagen summit.

The report also looks forward to a few of the top priorities for 2010, including advancing clean energy and climate legislation in Congress and a forging a binding international agreement on climate change.

You can read a copy of the assessment here: