U.S. House Wastes No Time in Attacking EPA's Ability to Protect Americans

Legislation Introduced This Week Aims to Abolish Agency's Role in Regulating Pollution

WASHINGTON (January 6, 2011) – Several House bills introduced during the open days of the 112th Congress seek to roll back the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority in protecting American from carbon pollution and other environmental threats.

The following is a statement from Franz A. Matzner,  Climate and Air legislative director at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“It sure didn’t take long for Big Polluters to show what money can buy.  Banning or delaying the EPA from issuing any health safeguards whatsoever against carbon dioxide pollution would be nothing less than a dream-come-true for industries that would put profits ahead of our health and too many House members seem willing to do just that.  It would be irresponsible for lawmakers to abolish the EPA’s ability to cut carbon pollution, leaving polluters free to dump into our air without limit.”