White House Releases Ocean Policy Report

WASHINGTON (March 27th, 2015) – Today, the White House released its Report on the Implementation of the National Ocean Policy, a review of important actions that federal agencies have collaborated on with state governments, regional groups and local communities to improve our oceans’ health and encourage their sustainable use.

Following is a statement from Sarah Chasis, Director of NRDC’s Ocean Initiatives Program:  

“We demand a lot from our oceans – from commercial fishing and tourism, to recreation and energy development. When we don’t plan well for these activities, it harms the valuable resources we depend on.

“Today’s report shows that the National Ocean Policy is helping protect important ocean habitats and wildlife, encourage sustainable use and provide greater certainty for businesses and other ocean users. We are encouraged by the work that’s been accomplished to date and look forward to continuing to work together to protect our valuable ocean resources.”


The National Ocean Policy was established in 2010 by President Obama to improve ocean management by reducing duplicative efforts and conflicting government actions, and focused attention solving the most serious issues jeopardizing ocean health. Healthy oceans and coasts are a vital part of a healthy U.S. economy. The area of ocean controlled by the United States is greater than the country’s total land mass, and our ocean economy contributes more than twice the economic output of the entire farm sector. 


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