Proceeds from Sales and Events

We are honored that businesses and individuals wish to donate to NRDC. If you would like to donate, we ask that you follow a couple of guidelines:

As we do not have the staff resources to review each business and vendor that contacts us about donations, we cannot allow any business or individual to imply a formal affiliation with NRDC. Our Board of Trustees requests that you include the following disclaimer on any web page, printed material, or e-mail message that mentions "Natural Resources Defense Council" or "NRDC" as the recipient of a donation:

[Insert name] is not affiliated in any manner with NRDCN (Natural Resources Defense Council) or any of its programs, projects, or websites."

Linking to NRDC's Website
If you'd like to link to NRDC's website on any web page, printed material, or e-mail message that mentions "Natural Resources Defense Council" or "NRDC," we ask that you use the following language or something similar in addition to the disclaimer listed above:

"For more information about [environmental protection][specific issue], please go to [or specific link] and find out how to get involved."

Sales and Other Promotions
Certain types of sales promotions may be considered “commercial co-ventures.” A commercial co-venture exists when an entity or a person sells a product or service and advertises to the public that the sale will benefit a charity (e.g. NRDC). These types of promotions may trigger various state legal requirements (e.g. the need for a specific contract with the beneficiary charity, or registration or filing with a state). NRDC cannot accept donations from a commercial co-venture unless all applicable requirements have been met. Anyone who wishes to donate proceeds from sales should consult with legal counsel and should contact NRDC well in advance of the start date of the promotion in order to determine if NRDC will be able to accept the donation. 

Restricted Contributions
Please note that NRDC will not seek or accept contributions from corporations in the following categories: utilities, oil industry, forest products industry, automobiles, agribusiness, chemical industry, waste industry, appliance manufacturers, mining and minerals companies, tobacco industry, or the defense industry.

Licensed Marks
NRDC owns certain trademarks, including our name and logo, which may not be used without NRDC’s written permission. If you would like to use one of these trademarks, please contact us at

If you have any questions about the donation of proceeds from events or sales, or about corporate contributions, please contact us at

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