Baseline Data Collection and Environmental Monitoring of Offshore Wind Projects

October 27, 2020

Alongside other environmental organizations, NRDC recommends comprehensive environmental monitoring of offshore wind projects to ensure that the work proceeds in a manner that is protective of our valuable marine resources, enables adaptive management, and provides a strong, trusted, foundation for offshore wind energy’s future. Our organizations call for each approved offshore wind Construction and Operations Plan to incorporate a robust scientific research and monitoring plan to monitor the interactions of wildlife – marine mammals, sea turtles, birds, bats, finfish, elasmobranchs, and invertebrates – with project development and operation. Improved knowledge of an area’s wildlife populations and oceanographic conditions before, during, and after project construction will help explain whether and how an offshore wind project impacts its surrounding environment and the degree to which efforts taken to avoid, minimize, and mitigate harm have been successful, while also enabling the adaptive management of environmental impacts that may occur.