The Federal Flood Risk Management Standard

June 01, 2015

For decades agencies have used the so-called 100-year flood as the design standard for federally funded projects. But that's not nearly protective enough; today, floods of that magnitude are occurring far more frequently than once a century.

In January 2015, an executive order from President Obama updated the flood protection standard that will guide the design of federally funded projects in or near floodplains or along coastlines. The Federal Flood Risk Management Standard requires federal agencies to factor in an extra margin of safety for projects that receive federal funding. This requirement will ensure that projects built today are better sited and better designed to handle a greater risk of flooding in the future. This standard will reduce damages caused by floods and hurricanes and will help steel our nation against the increased flood risk that comes with sea level rise and climate change. These comments voice support for the standard from NRDC and other organizations.