Going in Reverse: The Tar Sands Oil Threat to Central Canada and New England

Canadian pipeline company Enbridge Inc. appears to be reviving a previous pipeline plan that would take tar sands oil to central Canada and New England. The long-term plan would reverse the direction of oil flowing through two major pipelines -- Line 9 and the Portland-Montreal Pipe Line -- along an approximately 750-mile route, running through central Canada and down to the New England seacoast for export. Under the plan, the pipeline would carry Canadian tar sands oil, the dirtiest oil on the planet, through some of the most important natural and cultural places in Ontario, Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Any tar sands spill in these areas could devastate wildlife, pollute water, and compromise the health of local residents especially since tar sands spills cause much more harm than conventional oil spills. Transporting tar sands on this new route would only bring risks to central Canada and New England. Reversing existing pipelines is not necessary and should not be put into operation.

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