Michigan Electric Vehicle Cost-Benefit Analysis

July 31, 2017

For over a century, Michigan's auto industry has laid a foundation for economic growth and job creation in the region. As mass-market electric vehicles like the Chevy Bolt are brought to the fore, Michigan has an opportunity to continue this leadership while benefitting Michiganders - regardless of whether they drive electric.

A new MJ Bradley & Associates report, commissioned by NRDC, Sierra Club, and The Ecology Center, finds that scaling up electric vehicle (EV) adoption at a level consistent with expert projections will provide the state $2.6 billion in cumulative utility bill savings through the improved utilization of the electric grid by 2050. The analysis also reveals that Michigan drivers can expect to save a striking $23.1 billion in vehicle fuel and maintenance costs while also yielding societal benefits of $5.7 billion in the form of reduced pollution - both by 2050. Ensuring that the majority of EV charging occurs during off-peak hours when the grid is not stressed will drive even greater benefits for utility customers. With the right policies in place, Michigan can look forward to a bright and electrified future as the country's undisputed automotive leader.