National Call to Action! 10 Strategies for Achieving U.S. Food Waste Reduction Goals

The first-ever national target to reduce food waste across the United States, announced by the Obama administration in 2015, calls for a 50 percent reduction by 2030. To achieve this ambitious goal, executive and legislative action will be essential at the federal level, along with concerted efforts by food-related businesses, consumers, and other stakeholders.

This fact sheet lays out 10 strategies needed to succeed:

  1. Engage and educate consumers
  2. Catalyze food-industry involvement
  3. Collect and share better data 
  4. Measure and reduce farm losses      
  5. Standardize food expiration dates
  6. Scale food-recovery capacity
  7. Expand recycling of food scraps
  8. Foster entrepreneurship and innovation
  9. Mobilize public and private financing
  10. Enhance coordination
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