NRDC Stimulus Letters to Congressional Leadership

March 22, 2020

NRDC submitted two letters to congressional leadership addressing the need for an urgent stimulus to help protect the health and ensure the economic security of the American people in the face of the widening coronavirus pandemic. NRDC supports measures that prioritize needed assistance for people whose health and welfare are most at risk; strengthen the country’s resilience by spurring direct investment and job creation; and sow the seeds for a sustained and durable recovery. We believe those objectives can be substantially advanced through a package that includes meaningful public incentives and investments that promote cleaner, smarter ways to power our future. In addition, those investments could create millions of jobs that will put Americans back to work while simultaneously building a clean energy economy that benefits everyone.

3/20/20 NRDC Stimulus Letter to Congressional Leadership

4/10/20 NRDC Stimulus Letter to Congressional Leadership